Day at the Refuge and Farm


Going to the wildlife refuge was one of my favorite things we have done this week. It gave me tons of options for my up coming biology finale project. I found the tour to be helpful, hearing useful information that gave me many great ideas!

The animals were amazing, so much beauty in one area!


I really enjoyed the farm, it was so much fun! Getting to feed and see the animals was fun, and of course going shopping and eating food. I even got to bring home some stuff for my mom! She was thrilled btw, and is super happy about it.

Getting to enjoy the nice weather was really nice. After the first few days when all it did was rain, seeing the sun was magical! Getting to wear short sleeves was very enjoyable!

Feeling A Sense of Place

A sense of place is something you feel in a curtain place. The feels you get, the emotions you feel. A lot of times you start to feel it once you leave.

I found my sense of place in the wonderful city and countryside of New York. It’s almost a second home, that’s how much time I spend there. Most people get overwhelmed by the city, I don’t however. I find it as a place of magic. Dreams can really come true. The city is what gives a lot of people the chance to do what they love. I get the most joy driving down the streets own as, “broadway street.”

Broadway to me is the most magical thing ever. Going to see a live show is like no other. The music is so real, and seeing the actors put there heart and soul into everything they do.

Times Square is another amazing part of the New York City journey. It’s huge, and much bigger than you think it is. There are so many stores, and if you go at night all the lights make everything sparkle in the night’s darkness. People everywhere walking with their families, friends, and even alone.

Walking down the street at night, it’s peaceful, you would think it would be loud. It’s my favorite time of day. I feel the peace and a sense I found my place.

The last stop on our tour of New York was the countryside. A place I spent most summers for 8 years of my life. A quite place, a place to reflect on important choices in your life. I connect with family, and unplug from my worries. It gives me hope.

When you find your sense of place you feel zen, I totally feel zen, just talking about it here makes me feel what it’s like to be there. I found myself in this place. I feel like me. I can forget my problems, and for the first time be comfortable in my own skin, and be proud of who I am.

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Museusm 

Getting the opportunity to visit the Railroad Museum today was absolutely incredible! 

Here on some photos I took while I was there! 
When Ms. Newell told us our assignment was on the road again, I took this picture to show how we got to our destination. A perfect example of on the road.

When we were visiting the museum I found these lyrics to be quite interesting! Very simbolic! 

I found this picture to be quite special. This railroad was an important part of a some spaces journey to freedom. 

This shows how dedicated she was to the people she served! What an incredible women!

This photo was one of my favorites to take. I love to take selfies! This one with Harriet!